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Siemens JT Translators (build 20190502) €30 buy download

Siemens JT Translators (build 20190502) | 663.6 mb
JT is an openly published data format developed by Siemens PLM Software. It is widely used for communication, visualization, digital mockup and a variety of other purposes at a majority of the world’s leading manufacturing companies

JT has been accepted by ISO as an International Standard for 3D visualization. In addition to visualization, many JT Adopters use JT as a process format for workflows such as data exchange, supplier collaboration and long-term data retention.

JT_Bidirectional_Translator_v13.1_for_CATIAV5_32bit - Import/Export CATIAV5 <-> JT for CATIAV5 32bit
JT_Bidirectional_Translator_v13.1_for_CATIAV5_64bit - Import/Export CATIAV5 <-> JT for CATIAV5 64bit
JT_Translator_v14.0.1_for_CREO3_32bit - Export Сreo 3.0 > JT for Creo 3.0 32bit
JT_Translator_v14.0.1_for_CREO3_64bit - Export Сreo 3.0 > JT ror Creo 3.0 64bit
JT_Translator_v14.0.1_for_CREO4-CREO6_64bit - эExport Сreo 4.0-5.0 > JT для Creo 4.0-5.0 64бит
JT_Translator_v15_for_Solidworks2015 - Export SolidWorks2015 > JT for SolidWorks2015 64бит
JT_Translator_v16_for_Solidworks2016 - Export SolidWorks2016 > JT for SolidWorks2016 64бит
JT_Translator_v17_for_Solidworks2017 - Export SolidWorks2017 > JT for SolidWorks2017 64бит
JT_Translator_v18_for_Solidworks2018 - Export SolidWorks2018 > JT for SolidWorks2018 64бит

Website Home Page : www.plm.automation.siemens.com

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Download File Size:664.05 MB

Siemens JT Translators (build 20190502)
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