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Intelligen SuperPro Designer 10.7 | 355 MB
SuperPro Designer facilitates modeling, evaluation and optimization of integrated processes in a wide range of industries (Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Specialty Chemical, Food, Consumer Goods, Mineral Processing, Microelectronics, Water Purification, Wastewater Treatment, Air Pollution Control, etc.). The combination of manufacturing and environmental operation models in the same package enables the user to concurrently design and evaluate manufacturing and end-of-pipe treatment processes and practice waste minimization via pollution prevention as well as pollution control.

SuperPro Designer is a valuable tool for engineers and scientists in process development, process engineering, and manufacturing. It is also a valuable tool for professionals dealing with environmental issues (e.g., wastewater treatment, air pollution control, waste minimization, pollution prevention). SuperPro provides under a single umbrella modeling of manufacturing and end-of-pipe treatment processes, project economic evaluation, and environmental impact assessment

Key Features of SuperPro Designer:
Models for over 140 unit procedures / operations.Rigorous reactor modules.Material and energy balances.Extensive chemical component and mixture database.Extensive equipment and resource databases.Equipment sizing and costing.Thorough process economics.Scheduling of batch operations.Throughput Analysis and Debottlenecking.Resource (utilities, raw materials, and labor) tracking as a function of time.Waste stream characterization.Environmental impact assessmentOLE-2 support.PFD customization through addition of your own graphics and text.Compatibility with a variety of graphics, spreadsheet, and word processing packages.Option to export PFDs in DXF format (for incorporation into Autodesk AutoCAD) and in WMF format.
Unit Procedure Models in SuperPro Designer

Well-Mixed ReactorBatch/ContinuousFermentorAir-Lift FermentorPlug Flow ReactorEquilibrium ReactorHeat SterilizerAeration BasinPlug Flow Aeration BasinTrickling FilterAnoxic ReactorAnaerobic DigesterNeutralizerWet OxidationIncineratorUV Radiation
Phase Separation
Centrifugal ExtractorDifferential ExtractorMixer-Settler ExtractorBatch ExtractorCrystallizerShort-Cut DistillationBatch DistillationFlashCondenserAbsorber/StripperAdsorberDecanter Tank
High Pressure HomogenizerBead MillNano-Mill
Gel FiltrationIon ExchangeReverse PhaseAffinityExpanded Bed Adsorption
Freeze DryerTray DryerFluid Bed DryerRotary DryerFlash EvaporatorRotary EvaporatorSludge Dryer
Pressure Change
General Unit Operations
Generic BoxesReaction and SeparationFlow Mixers/SplittersComponent SplitterHeater/CoolerHeat Exchanger
Product Formulation
Dryers & GranulatorTablet PressTablet CoaterFillersPackaging Machines
Solid/Liquid Separation
MicrofilterUltrafilterDiafilterReverse OsmosisDead-End FilterBasket CentrifugeNutsche FilterBowl CentrifugeDisk-Stack CentrifugeDecanter CentrifugeCentritech CentrifugeHydrocycloneClarifier / ThickenerFlotationOil SeparatorPlate & Frame FilterRotary Vacuum FilterGranular Media FilterBelt Filter
Solid / Gas Separation
Electrostatic PrecipitatorBaghouse FilterGas CycloneAir Filter
Various Storage TanksVarious Blending TanksEqualization TankJunction Box

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Download File Size:354.94 MB

Intelligen SuperPro Designer 10.7
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