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VMware Horizon 7.10 | 1.6 Gb
The VMware software team is pleased to announce the availability of VMware Horizon 7.10 is the leading platform for virtual desktops and applications. Provide end users access to all of their virtual desktops, applications, and online services through a single digital workspace.

VMware Horizon 7 version 7.10 Overview

VMware announced the availability of Horizon 7 Version 7.10, CART 5.2, App Volumes 2.18 and DEM 9.9.

While many know that CART, which stands for Client Agent Release Train, is the client software that is used to connect to a Horizon desktop or application, many may have missed the announcement that VMware changed the name of User Environment Manager (UEM) to Dynamic Environment Manager (DEM).

Both Horizon 7.10 and App Volumes 2.18 have been tagged as Extended Service Branch (ESB) releases. These ESB releases will have active support for two years and will have a service pack (SP) release in six, nine and 15 months. As VMware continues to release their software more often, ESB gives VMware's customers a stable release for companies that have tight requirements on the versions of software they can deploy.

This release does have one huge enhancement in it, as well as a few other improvements. The most visible change is that by adding new functionality to the HTML5-based Horizon Console, VMware is accelerating the move away from the Flash-based Horizon Administrator for the management of Horizon. This release also enhanced some Remote Desktop Services Hosts (RDSH) capabilities and troubleshooting capabilities in Horizon 7.10.

The biggest change in Horizon is that it now supports REST APIs. This is huge because it allows Horizon customers and partners the ability to access Horizon (enterprise edition only) using the tools of their choice rather than having to go through PowerCLI. This release only supports the monitoring functions in Horizon, and you will not be able to make changes to your Horizon environment.

Horizon Console now has a Dashboard tab that shows services that are in use, the status of the sessions and the overall health of the system (Figure 1).

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Some of the tasks that you can now accomplish using Horizon Console are; select multiple virtual desktops to perform actions (logoff, delete, reset, etc.) on them; show the load status (protocol sessions, broker sessions, etc.) of the Connection Server; show the number of RDSH and available sessions of each RDSH host; display how long a desktop has been idle; and create a desktop pool for floating desktops. These capabilities bring Horizon Console roughly to feature parity with Horizon Administrator, except for the ability to manage ThinApp and Security Servers. VMware also has made changes that will improve Horizon Console's performance, will give better error messages when provisioning instant clones and will provide more information about configuration objects via icons (Figure 2). Horizon Console will now warn you when your session is about to expire.

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One of the long needed features in Horizon 7.10 is that you can now take an existing RDSH application pool, duplicate it and then change some of its attributes. This is a small enhancement but one that will be greatly appreciated by Horizon administrators because they will no longer need to go through the trouble of having to create an RDSH pool from scratch to change its attributes. VMware also enhanced load balancing for RDSH farms. Previously for RDSH applications, load balancing was based on active session count or CPU or memory load, and RDSH desktops were based on active session count regardless of the CPU/memory load. The UI now has a plethora of factors from which to choose for load balancing (Figure 3).

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Horizon 7.10 supports the NVIDIA RTX 6000 and 8000 GPUs, Windows 10 Education edition, and Windows 10 1903.

On the agent side, VMware has made performance improvements to the Blast that will lower the amount of CPU usage. When the agent is installed on a Windows Server, the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) role will automatically be installed if needed. The agent now supports Windows 10 1909 and Red Hat 8.

CART 5.2 supports many different devices, and each device supports a different set of features. The Windows, Mac and Linux clients each have an audio optimization pack for Microsoft Teams, and there is audio and video optimization for the Windows client. It has a new Codec in Blast that will lower its bandwidth requirements and will automatically switch between H.264/H.265 and JPG/PNG based on what is being displayed on the virtual desktop. The Mac client now joins the Linux and Windows clients in being able to use the H.265 (HVEC) hardware decoder, which will result in 25 percent to 50 percent better compression.

VMware changed UEM to DEM with this release to avoid confusion with products from other vendors also named UEM. DEM 9.9 has a tool to evaluate Active Directory conditions and the ability to collect diagnostic data to help diagnose problems with DEM.

App Volumes 2.18 adds IPv6 support that can be used in a mixed IPv6 and IPv4 or in a pure IPv6 environment. You can now perform a no-outage rolling upgrade to App Volumes. The interface has a Jobs tab that is used to configure all App Volumes background jobs.

Release Notes for VMware Horizon 7 version 7.10 - Date: 17 September 2019

What's New in This Release

VMware Horizon 7 version 7.10 provides the following new features and enhancements. This information is grouped by installable component.

- Product Enhancements
- Horizon Connection Server On-Premises
- Horizon Agent for Linux
- Horizon Agent
- Horizon GPO Bundle
- Horizon Client
- Horizon 7 Cloud Connector
- Horizon 7 Deployed on VMware Cloud on AWS

For information about full list of new and improved features please refer to the release notes

Resolved Issues 2115780: In Horizon Console, an internal error occurs if you use a non-ASCII character in the “Specify names manually” field for a desktop pool that contains full virtual machines.
2030862: When you use Horizon Console with the Internet Explorer Web browser, the button texts in the Desktops page disappear after reloading the Desktops page. This issue occurs in Internet Explorer version 11.966.15063.0, Update version: 11.0.56.
2019569: In Horizon Console, the session timeout value does not match the session timeout value added in the Horizon Administrator interface in View Configuration > Global Settings.
2294107: When you open Horizon Console in the Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers, the long text does not wrap around in the user interface columns.
2295816: The Horizon Console user interface does not list more than 1,000 published application pools.
2294181: In the Microsoft Edge Web browser, validation does not occur when you use the ‘x’ icon to clear a mandatory input field value.
2306693: When you use Horizon Console in the Internet Explorer Web browser and add a vCenter Server, the vCenter Server and Horizon Composer certification details displays an empty certificate.
2364856: Updating the certificate information for an existing SAML authenticator fails in Horizon Console.
2365224: Horizon Console does not display “Show all networks” when you browse networks for instant-clone desktop pools and farms.
2365984: In Horizon Console, administrators who can view desktop pools but cannot entitle users or groups to the pool, cannot view the application entitlements in User or Group Summary > Application Entitlements.
2364204: In Horizon Console, you cannot add a SAML authenticator URL that contains numbers.
2382522: After an upgrade to Horizon 7.4 or later, virtual desktop machines appear to be in agent unreachable state after restarting Connection Server.
2258649: After you upgrade Horizon Agent to version 7.4 or later, the RDS host status appears to be in the agent unreachable state.
2320351: If a published application spawns another process, when a user closes the published application from Horizon Client, the published application session continues to run because the spawned process is not terminated.
2332263: Users cannot scan multiple pages at once when using the Scanner Redirection feature.
2350147: Sometimes, when users connect to a published application, they get the message "the connection to the remote computer ended." The problem occurs for up to 50 percent of published application connections.
2358363: Sometimes, a published application appears as a blank icon on the client's taskbar.
2358750: Sometimes, when a user clicks on the sides of a published application window to resize the window, an Enter keystroke is generated into the application.
2361051: In HTML Access, because open pages have partial access to parent pages by default, a security vulnerability might exist.
2364603: While using a Microsoft Life webcam in Epic with the Real-Time Audio-Video feature, users receive an error message when they attempt to take a photo.
2365267: Sometimes, copy and paste operations fail between the client system and published applications, and between published application sessions.
2367086: When using USB redirection, if a user presses Escape when the scanner is working while using Epic or TWACKER, Epic crashes and TWACKER freezes and exits silently.
2371774: The Server Name Indication (SNI) extension to the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol is not enabled for the tunnel client SSL handshake.
2374254: When a user opens a published application from Horizon Client on a Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit) client system, the client freezes.
2378018: In HTML Access, when the default icon loads for a published application, the proxy picks up the broken URL, causing certificate errors and interrupting access to the desktop.
2378637: In a Thin Client, USB redirection fails after suspending and resuming the client.
2355757: A user attempting to start a remote Linux desktop session does not receive a new desktop session and is connected instead to another user's desktop session.
2398993: System lockups occur when you attempt to enter a login password for any website using Firefox on a remote Linux desktop running Ubuntu 18.04 with Gnome.
2013470: View Composer 7.1/7.31 fails to install on a Windows 2016 Server with BIOS set to EFI with Secure Boot enabled.
2183278: Horizon Help Desk runs an expensive SQL query against the View Events database, causing high CPU consumption and blocking activity in the database.
2277953: Recomposing a desktop pool containing 300 VMs fails due to ws_TomcatService.exe failure.
2302834: If the physical machine is offline, Horizon Administrator takes a long time to load the list of desktop pools.
2325326: In Horizon Console 7.7, a multi-homed UAG 3.4 appliance shows as Unreachable and cannot be added to the gateway list.
2349117: User Experience Metrics in Horizon Help Desk shows a large percentage of packet loss for a desktop session using Blast that does not appear to have any connection drops or performance issues.
2355860: Instant-clone VMs are stuck in the Deleting state.
2364204: SAML Authenticator URL containing numbers cannot be added in Horizon Console.
2360226: Windows updates using SCCM fail if vmwicpdr.sys is loaded on the system.
Horizon VMware the leading software Name and efficient in application virtualization and desktop you. This software is able to create conditions for connection and desktop virtualization, all software applications and online services through a software environment you provide. The software is able to Desktop static (static desktops) to a safe environment and digitally convert user requirements. Software before you powerful product groups and, of course, VMware is well known that whatever product you will need to virtualization included. The creators of this software also believe that product before you fully comply with existing legislation and also ensure the security of your data.

The software is designed in such a way before you accurate and incredible performance in the field of virtualization leaves. The creators of this product claim that this software is the easiest and fastest way is virtualization. You can also use this software, your imagination and your data guarantee the security of information

This video, designed for IT Administrators, gives you a comprehensive look into the capabilities in Horizon 7.

VMware software powers the world’s complex digital infrastructure. The company’s cloud, networking and security, and digital workspace offerings provide a dynamic and efficient digital foundation to customers globally, aided by an extensive ecosystem of partners. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, VMware is committed to being a force for good, from its breakthrough innovations to its global impact.

Product: VMware Horizon
Version: 7.10 Enterprise Edition with Client 5.20 *
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.vmware.com
Language: english
System Requirements: PC **
Supported Operating Systems: **
Size: 1.6 Gb

* release info: VMware-Horizon-Agent-Direct-Connection-x86-7.10.0-14590940.exe

** System Requirements: System Requirements:

- Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Standard/Enterprise/Datacenter (x64)
- Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard/Datacenter (x64)
- Windows Server 2016 Standard/Datacenter (x64)
- Windows Server 2019

Hardware Recommended:

CPU: 2GHz or faster and 4 CPUs
Network: 1Gbps NICs
Memory: 8GB RAM or higher for deployments of 50 or more remote desktops
Disk space: 60GB
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Download File Size:1.6 GB

VMware Horizon 7.10
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